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TLC Nursing Agency is a professional recruitment agency for medical health and disability field. The agency staffs are experienced in wide areas in healthcare both in hospital, group homes, aged care and disability care management.

TLC Nursing Agency provides temporary relief for on leave full time staff and unexpected staff shortages and vacancies. This employee’s induction manual has been designed to orient and to introduce you to the TLC Nursing Agency. It will also provide information to all new employees however this will not substitute the policies and procedures that already exist in the host’s institutions.

We employ Registered Nurses, Disability Support Workers, Assistant in Nursing and Domestic Staff. The agency is utilized by group homes, respite care, and aged care from government and non-government organizations in the community.

We guarantee to provide the highest quality of healthcare professionals with a unified goal to assist people holistically with disability to reach their full potential and independence.

It is essential that employees are aware of their duties and responsibilities at all times. In this process, all employees will be provided with this manual to assist them to be consistent in providing holistic quality care to all their clients.

TLC Nursing Agency is a non-religious and non-sectarian community based organization. We hope that you will be equipped with skills, knowledge and attitude throughout your entire journey and challenges in providing quality care.



Efraim Dasalla RN
– General Manager

V – Valuing their clients/patients

A – Accountable to promote quality care

L – Loving to all the clients

U – Understanding, unity and team work

E – Excellence in Healthcare

S – Social responsibility among its staff, thus enhancing quality care.

TLC Nursing Agency Services guided by the virtue “quality care makes difference” seeks to be the leading nursing agency fostering excellence in healthcare delivery system in the pursuit of quality care, personal integrity, and social responsibility.

It is committed to:

Provide quality care in order to promote excellence in healthcare delivery system among its staff and to equip patients with tender loving care with a commitment to social responsibility in the context of health promotion.